Seven Steps to a Good Psychic Reading

Seven Steps to a Good Psychic Reading

Step 1

It is best to be as relaxed as possible and to create quiet time and space where you can focus. Lighting a candle can be a useful way to centre your energies before a reading.

Step 2

Timing is also important. Call when you feel a need for higher guidance. When the need is there, Spirit will be present.

Step 3

Connect with your reader. The reader has to connect with you to read your energies. The more you respect your reader and allow them connect with you and your issues, the more easily they will be able to assist you.

Step 4

Your questions are best focused on specific areas of your life but keep them open ended. Yes or No questions interfere with the free flow of information and do not allow for the psychic to explore other opportunities and guidance of which you may not be aware.

Step 5

Have an open mind. Sometimes we think we know what is important, but often Spirit can see a larger plan than we can. Be open to considering new perspectives and information – these are blessings from Spirit.

Step 6

Feel free to ask your psychic questions so that they can explain their guidance to you more clearly and provide you with any extra information.

Step 7

Above all, enjoy your reading. See it as time for focusing on your own path and healing. For resolving the past and opening to new possibilities for the future. Allow yourself to receive the loving guidance that the Universe wishes to bestow on you.