Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for a reading?

If you call on our 02 number in Australia or our Auckland number in New Zealand, you will be charged through your credit card.

If you are an international caller, call:
+61 7 3184 0990 (with the + being replaced by your country's international access code) and you will be charged $2.27 Australian dollars per min incl GST through your credit card.

How do phone psychic readings work?

A psychic is an open channel for universal energies and information. The more open you are with your heart and energies to your reading, the more information your psychic can recieve for you. Click Seven Steps to a Good Psychic Reading for helpful tips.

Psychic readings are not limited to time and space in this physical dimension which is why a psychic can tune into you at a distance over the phone though their and your intentions, thoughts and energies.

A psychic can access information about your past, present and future as well as beings and persons who are not currently in this physical dimension.

While each psychic has their own gifts and ways of working, psychics use abilities such as:
Clairvoyance - psychic sight
Clairsentience - psychic feelings and senses
Claircognizance - psychic knowing (receiving knowledge directly)
Clairaudience - psychic hearing

A psychic can use some or all of these abilities to access beings in other dimensions such as:
Spirit Guides (yours and theirs)
Those who have passed over (Psychics who use this skill are commonly called mediums)

Psychics may also be learned in arts such as Tarot and other oracle divnation, astrology and numerology. These ancient arts and knowledge provide extra guidance and information which combine with and enhance the psychic's abilities.

Many psychics also channel energies for healing.

How do I choose a psychic?

All of our gypsies are skilled and able to help you with queries about your past, present and future.

However if you click Our Gypsies you can see pictures of our gypsies and follow your intuition as to who you most feel a connection with. You can also read about each of our gypsies and consider whose skills will most be able to help you.

If you wish to make contact with someone who has passed, please click Our Gypsies and choose a psychic who refers to themself as a medium .

If I like a particular psychic, how do I contact them?

Please refer to their shift times on their page which can be found by clicking on their picture at Our Gypsies. Please also use the 3 digit psychic code next to their name to be connected to them directly.