About Us

About Us

We are an Australia and New Zealand wide psychic phoneline. Our Fortune Tellers work all over Australia and New Zealand.

We were founded in July 2007 by Synchronicity Media Pty Ltd we have been working in the phone and in person industry as psychic mediums, energy healer and Transpersonal counsellor for over 25 years.

After strong prompting from Spirit to create and manage a national psychic phoneline, Anna was guided to search for a team of psychics to work with the light, and to offer more than future predictions - to also help others create better futures through spiritual and personal growth and healing. This is reflected in our slogan: Beyond predictions... readings with soul for your life path.

Our gypsies are chosen not only for their psychic abilities, but also for their passion and dedication to spiritual service, and for the quality of their healing energies and light.

There is a life force and optimism which shines out of each of our gypsies, so that when speaking with them, their very energies are uplifting and transforming.

May we shine the light for all who seek.