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Namaste. My name is PAMATHRA. I welcome new and former clients and look forward to……

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MIA - CODE: 4247

Hello! My name is Mia, and I am a tarot card reader with over 15……

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Discover a unique connection to the spirit world through Amanda, an extraordinary spiritual medium whose……

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LILY 🇮🇹 - CODE: 5309

Hello, I'm Lily, and I'm here to help you uncover the keys to true happiness.……

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Your Fortune Tellers in
Australia and New Zealand

The Fortune Tellers is an Australia and New Zealand wide network of fortune tellers whose skills include clairvoyance, spirit mediumship, Tarot and oracle reading and healing.

We share passion for our work and we are committed to the service of Spirit and others.

More than day-to-day predictions, we offer you readings to explore the full potential of your soul path. This is a time of great changes of consciousness, and we provide fresh insight and guidance for your life choices.

Whatever your questions or issues, our caring psychics seek to shine the light of awareness for all!

the fortune teller

Pay bythe fortune teller the fortune teller the fortune teller Calls charged at $2.27 per min
Our psychics are available 24/7
Discreetly Billed as “Synchronicity MDA”