Psychic Pamathra – Detail Profile

CODE: 5313


About Me

Namaste. My name is PAMATHRA.

I welcome new and former clients and look forward to hearing from you, and from new callers.

I am a prophetic dreamer and lifetime student (many decades!) of mystical principles. My great wish is to be of service. I experience clairvoyance and clairsentience, which run in my matrilineal bloodline. I will ask for your date of birth and your usual first name. The vibrations of the name and birthdate metaphorically ‘sit you in front of me’, then I usually begin to get sensations, intuitive impressions, and pictures. I may also be able to help you with those who have passed over, including pets. On the ‘mainstream’ side, I have been a counsellor, meditation instructor, and a businessperson. Now retired, my aim is to use my intuitive faculties to assist others.