Psychic Lana Rose – Detail Profile

CODE: 2246

Lana Rose

About Me

Hello, I'm Lana Rose, a seasoned psychic and energy healer, specialising in a blend of spiritual and intuitive practices. With a strong connection to Angels, Spirit Guides, and Fairies, I am dedicated to delivering the messages that are crucial for your life's journey.

Skills and Specialisations:
Clairvoyant & Clairaudient Abilities: Utilising these gifts, I perceive beyond the physical realm, offering insights and guidance that resonate deeply.
Nature and Elemental Connection: My work is profoundly rooted in nature, allowing me to harness the elemental energies for a holistic reading experience.
Tarot and Astrology: These tools aid me in providing detailed and specific insights, aligning with your unique astrological and spiritual path.
Crystals & Reiki Energy Healing: Integrating the healing properties of crystals and the rejuvenating practice of Reiki, I aim to align your energy and promote well-being.

Approach and Philosophy:
I approach each session with understanding and sincerity, striving to be a friendly confidante for those in need. My passion lies in helping individuals discover and connect with their soul's purpose. Whether it's love, career, home, or general life guidance, my intention is always to provide relevant and empowering messages.

Services Offered:
• Personalised Psychic Readings
• Tarot Card Consultations
• Distant Reiki and Crystal Healing

Your comfort and safety in discussing life's important matters are my top priority. I am here to offer a supportive and non-judgmental space where you can freely explore your questions and concerns. Let me guide you with the wisdom and messages meant for you today.

Connect with Lana Rose:
Experience clarity, healing, and guidance on your path to self-discovery. Reach out and embark on a journey towards understanding your soul's purpose with Lana Rose use Phone code 2246.