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About Me

Welcome to my sacred sanctuary! My name is Janette, and it's an absolute joy to guide and assist you on your spiritual journey. Embracing my role as a psychic medium, I've developed a deep connection through various 'clair' senses. In my sessions, you'll find that I not only feel the energies around us, but I also hear messages, see visions, and intuitively know things, all under the nurturing guidance of my protective spirits and guardian angels.

To dive deeper into the messages from the Spirit realm and offer you a clearer perspective, I frequently use tools such as tarot cards and oracle decks. These tools provide me with a more detailed understanding, helping to illuminate paths and choices that align with your true purpose and higher self.

A Zodiac Tarot reading focuses on twelve facets of your life – self-identity, values, communications, home, creativity, physical health, relationships, intimacy, philosophy, public life, friends, and mental health. I add a thirteenth card for an overall theme. I offer a month ahead or yearly reading if this is of interest to you.

If your spirit resonates with it, I also have a unique offering for you. Over the past four decades, I've cultivated the gift of Light Language. This language, not known to many, offers profound healing. If you're open to it, I'd love to share a few moments of this healing with you, channeling positive energies and restoration.

As you continue to explore and understand your journey, I'd love for you to embrace and meditate upon a special mantra that holds close to my heart – Matia, Matia, Matia. This simple, yet powerful phrase serves as a reminder of the universal truths: You Are Loved, You Are Blessed, & So It Is.

I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to visit and get to know a bit about me and the services I offer. Wishing you infinite love, light, and blessings always.