Psychic Bella – Detail Profile

CODE: 1441


About Me

Hi to all, I am Bella, a trance medium, who possesses innate abilities to see, hear, taste, smell, sense and communicate with the spirit realm directly without the use of tools, from my early childhood years.

Over the past three decades, I have provided professional guidance to clients locally, nationally, and internationally via phone, market stalls, expos and fairs, and platform work.

My reputation stems from a pragmatic, grounded approach in delivering messages from Spirit guides, departed loved ones, and even pets to address current, past, and forthcoming concerns.

Clients often seek my expertise in various areas, including mediumship, dream interpretation, exploring past lives, remote viewing, psychometry (objects, photos) and spiritual counselling. These services are instrumental in offering clarity along the journey of life.

I warmly welcome individuals seeking in-depth consultations, assuring them that the guidance provided will serve as a compass, reassuring them they are on the right path.

For those seeking guidance please enter 1441 pin number to connect with me.