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As Above, So Below.

Just as the moon affects our emotions, so too do the rest of the planets in the solar system. Everything on this planet is affected by the planets. At our exact time of birth, a ‘snapshot’ of the sky is taken, and we are smack bang, in the centre of this ‘Mandela,’ or ‘oracle’ of life. There are twelve houses that make up this ‘Mandela,’ and they depict how we operate in each and every area of our lives. The sign ‘ascending’ at our time of birth is called the ‘ascendant’ or ‘rising sign,’ and the sign ‘descending’ (on the horizon) is called the ‘descendant.’ The sign directly above us, is the ‘Immium Colei’ or ‘IC,’ (an unconscious part of our personality) and the sign directly below us (even though it is the highest point in the chart) is called the ‘Midheaven’ or “MC.’ This is a conscious point in our chart, in that these are qualities we are seeking to aspire toward, and cultivate, as we get older. It also tells us what our true calling or vocation is.

Our natal chart is a ‘blueprint’ of our personality, giving us a ‘roadmap’ (so to speak) of our ‘potential’ in this lifetime. It is up to the individual to utilise his or her potential to the ‘best of his ability.’ Meaning, that astrology is a very accurate ‘timing’ device for what ‘energies’ will be present at a given time, but it is up to the individual which road he chooses to take. Instead of the misconception that astrology is taking responsibility ”away” from self, and giving it to something “higher” and “greater” than oneself, it is actually making you “more” aware of what is actually happening in your life “now” and “in the future”, so in knowing that, the path one chooses to follow is of even greater responsibility.

Fifteen years ago, now, Robert an old friend and neighbour had moved in across the road after his wife had passed six months earlier. Through what Robert called “kismet” – we had a chance encounter one afternoon when I was at work and Robert caught my son trying to climb over our balcony door and yelled out to him. When I got home Robert came over to let me know. I was quite dismissive, yet Robert was not swayed and went on the tell me what had occurred. We then got chatting and Robert told me about his wife that had passed. I knew I could help him with the use of Astrology so went on to tell him a few things, which Robert stuck his nose up at and said, “I am not into that sort of rubbish.”

A few days later Robert came back and said that he had been thinking about some of the things that I had said, so paid me to do a reading of the past not the future. I started at the age of fifteen years old all the way up until his 82nd birthday, and pinpointed certain times in his life that I felt would have been important. Well after I gave Robert the Astrology reading, he was blown away and said that I had pinpointed when he joined the Navy, when he was honourably discharged, when he started his career with Phillips Electronics, when he became General Manager for Phillips Electronics, when he left that job, when he got married, the birth of his daughter and so on. Robert was absolutely astounded at the accuracy of Astrology and is now a firm advocate for Astrology.

I have been studying the science of Astrology for the past 27 years. I use a software program "Solar Fire" to do normal Astrology as well as specialising in cosmobiology which takes out the house system and does not require a time of birth.


ARIES: I am; courageous; bold; pioneering; leadership qualities.

TAURUS: I stabilise; sensuality; luxurious lifestyle; earthy.

GEMINI: I communicate; superficial; lighthearted conversation; sociable; adaptable; the ‘twins’; always in search of the other.

CANCER: I feel; nurturing; mothering; sensitive; caring.

LEO: I create; the ‘king of the jungle’; dramatic; leadership qualities; idealistic.

VIRGO: I analyse; neat; precise; perfectionist; likes being of service to others; likes material possessions.

LIBRA: I balance; co-operation; partnership; loves socialising; beauty of form.

SCORPIO: I sense; resurrection; destruction; intense; sexual.

SAGITTARIUS: I believe; larger than life; optimistic; loves traveling; laid back.

CAPRICORN: I use; status oriented; serious; mature; observes fine detail.

AQUARIUS: I distribute; the future; groups; friendships; detached; humanitarian.

PISCES: I dissolve; impressionable; sacrificial; spiritual; prone to confusion as there are no clear boundaries between self and others.


SUN: Our individuality; our heart; the person we are becoming; people in authority; males.

MOON: Our heritage; the past; qualities we are trying to move away from; the ‘mother’ within us; female associations or just associations/the public.

MERCURY: Our intellect; the way we communicate; the way we think; short distance traveling; all forms of communication; siblings.

VENUS: Our affections; love; social acquaintances; the arts; creativity; money; the comforts in life.

MARS: Our assertiveness; the way we move; aggression; males.

JUPITER: Expansion; growth; positivity; confidence; optimism; the things in life that come for free; religion; the law; university; the higher mind; long distance traveling; wealth.

SATURN: The great teacher; the lord of karma; restriction; fears; elders; limitations which can be overcome once the lesson has been learned; your greater friend and ally (in the end) than Jupiter; your hidden pot of gold.

URANUS: The revolutioniser; brings needed change; gets us out of that rut; unexpected and sudden (can be disruptive) energy; rules electricity; rules astrology; anything that moves at lightning speed.

NEPTUNE: Our ideals in life; our misconceptions; drugs; liquids; gases; where we tend to deceive ourselves and/or others; dreams; spirituality; dissolves boundaries; subtlety.

PLUTO:  Brings resurrection (in the metaphorical sense) after destruction; regenerates; brings that which is buried in the unconscious mind, up to consciousness for reform; purges us of that which is no longer useful; rules nuclear power/ the atom bomb.

CHIRON (‘ASTEROID’): The wounded healer.


ASCENDANT/1ST HOUSE: The impression we give upon first meeting someone; body type; the immediate environment; self, in the most personal sense; our early upbringing.

2ND HOUSE: Our personal earning resources; morals; spirituality; ethics about life; sense of self-worth; self-esteem; sustenance in life.

3RD HOUSE: The way the mind operates; communications; siblings; early schooling;  relatives; neighbours; community; short distance traveling.

4TH HOUSE: Our ancestors; our roots; our immediate family; the father; things about us, we feel will never change; the unconscious mind; the person we are once people get to know us.

5TH HOUSE: Creativity; love affairs; romance; children; gambling; speculating; hobbies; confidence in life; professional sports; everything fun in life.

6TH HOUSE: Work; employee/employer; health; hygiene; small pets; service to others; the way you lead your day-to-day life; high schooling.

7TH HOUSE/DESCENDANT: Qualities we seek in a marriage partner; unconscious qualities within ourselves that we project onto a partner; any serious one-on-one partnership such as marriage, business or any long-term partnership; open enemies.

8TH HOUSE: All the taboo areas of life; life; death; rebirth; sex; also, rules ‘the partners’ resources i.e.: physical, mental, emotional; rules investments; taxes; the stock market; estates; inheritances; sub-conscious mind.

9TH HOUSE: Higher learning; religion; university; our ‘world view’; long distance traveling literally and in the mind; foreigners; in-laws; the law; lawyers.

10TH HOUSE/MC: True calling/vocation in this life; qualities we are seeking to aspire toward; career; status; notoriety; the mother; people in power; politics; achievements; the public.

11TH HOUSE: The future; friends; groups; goals; wishes and aspirations in life; ideals for the future; society; large organisations; the way we act toward others on a ‘personal’ level.

12TH HOUSE: The super conscious mind; hidden strengths and weaknesses; house of undoing; clandestine affairs; things that are hidden; hospitals; mental asylums; institutions; libraries; hidden enemies and hidden friends; karma.

Astrology is a very accurate ‘timing’ device to predict the ‘astrological weather’ of the “past, present and future”. Just as there is the ‘Balance of Life’, ‘Yin and Yang’, so too is it up to the individual to live out the “potential” of the chart. We ultimately make our own choices; astrology simply gives us “foreknowledge” of certain energies that will be present at a given time.